Easy to give in, hard to keep going!

I have little doubt, that if you have put some effort into something, that the feeling of wanting to give up has crossed your mind. It has mine, plenty of times. Just wanting to throw in the towel when things get tough, is a thought that many of us think. Especially when we feel life has become an uphill battle. But I am sure you already know this – this is far too easy to do. It is one of the easiest things you can do. Walk away from something that is. One too many times, that I can still remember, I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. Many days would pass by when I would question what this is all for, and if it was worth all the struggle I was going through. Every time I would try my hardest, it would seem, another roadblock would rear its ugly head. But I kept my head down and remained focused. That is why I have my qualifications.

The gist of what I am getting at here is that we as people need to keep being persistent. We cannot give up when things become tough! It is through our struggles that we grow and learn. We come to understand just how far we can push ourselves. This also helps us relate to others who are going through struggles themselves. This can then lead us to band together for a similar cause, and then overcome those obstacles that are in the way.

Sure, most of us want to have a smooth life where nothing goes wrong. Very few of us wish to suffer, unless of course you are a masochist. But, seeing as how the majority of us are not, it is safe to think that the majority of people wish to be free from suffering. It is the thought that it makes life harder when life itself is already hard to begin with. We would like to picture ourselves running through that field of flowers, without a single care in the world. But what kind of reality is that? Suffering is part and parcel when it comes to life, we cannot have the one without the other. However, it is important to climb off that train at the stop you should. After all, life is not just suffering. As soon as we assume this state of mind, that is all we focus on throughout our daily lives, not even paying attention to all the good that is around us. We fail to see the beauty, because the tragic is far more shocking and tends to stick out more. Thus, we remember it far more easily than all that which is good. With this, it is easy to see how we can assume that life is pure suffering, when in reality it is both suffering and non-suffering, there is good and bad, ugly, and beautiful. You just have to know where to look, and where to find it. But I can assure you, it is out there.

Even though I tell you this, I know, as much as the next person. That, what the media puts out there, and what is at the tip of everyone’s tongues is tragic. It makes better news to hear what has gone wrong, than what has gone right. This affects us, to the point where we are influenced to think and speak in the same manner. It is far more interesting to us these days to see the tragic, than anything else. That is why, we need to take a step back and look at the very things we have turned away from. That being all the beauty that is out there!



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